Another fortnight has rolled by so quickly! Welcome back to the TradeQuest Distribution blog. We hope your sales are going strong and that your games are selling well.

We've been playing a lot of Half Truth and Rone in the office this month and we're having a blast. We're glad to see so many of you taking us up on our latest pre-ordering system. We've got lots more exciting titles to add so make sure to stay tuned to that and make sure to place your orders early.

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Half Truth

We love a trivia game here at TradeQuest. When Half Truth fell on our desk, we we're incredibly excited. Designer Richard Garfield is a table top legend and his latest title does not disappoint.

Half Truth is a party game for all ages and people, created by legendary game designer Richard Garfield and 74-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings. With art by well-known artist Ian O'Toole, the game comes with 500 trivia question cards and each card has a category. There are six possible answers, three right and three wrong, players have to place bets on answers they believe are correct.

With party games like Wits and Wagers and Rich Garfield’s other trivia game Hive Mind being such a success. Half Truth is going to be a staple party game for many years to come, having this on your display is a must.

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Lets Play

This week we wanted to shine a little more light on Awkward Guests. With gameplay unlike most other board games available, the title from Megacorpin games is already a smash hit. 

Want to find out how to play for yourself? Why not let them explain for you in this brief video from our friends at Megacoprin.

Awkward Guests: The Walton Case
Awkward Guests is already turning out to be a fast seller here at TradeQuest. With the resurgence of the who-dunnit genre with movies like Knives Out last year and the success of roll and write games, Awkward Guests is unlike many tabletop games on the market. 

A game of Awkward Guests is very fluid and intense. There is virtually no downtime for players as they actively participate at all times. During opponents' turns, non-active players will need to request or provide information. As the investigators uncover — little by little — what happened at the Walton Mansion, their interest and engagement increases. This builds up expectation and excitement until the grand finale is reached and the mystery is solved. With 39 scenarios out of the box this game is very re-playable owing to the very high number of starting combinations.

A fantastic social deduction game that can either be aimed as a gateway game for those that have experienced Cluedo or the board gamer looking to be reacquainted with the genre. With a high rating on BGG will always attract attention from the board gamer consumer.  


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