Greetings from the TradeQuest team! You join us here for an exciting week on our distribution blog. As usual we have some thrilling new pre-orders and products for your stores but this week we also have some updates on our new social media marketing strategies.

We would be remiss to not speak regarding peoples concerns about the worldwide spread of COVID-19 this month. We are listening and working hard with our partners to keep things running as usual. For further information on what steps we've been undertaking you can head to our partner site over on the ShipQuest blog for their update HERE.

As far as business is concerned we're doing everything we can to protect our staff and our affiliates businesses by working from home where possible, increasing our sanitation and being ever vigilant should we need to send people home on sickness. 

The good news is that our staff are healthy, we have a large supply of board games for your stores and as people begin to plan for their isolation, we hope to brighten their lives with board games through the difficult times. We currently have no shipping delays and a plentiful stock so please make sure to place your orders early while logistics are smooth.

We've now launched our new Social Media Initiative to help give more traction to the campaigns of our partners products and to help tell customers what retail stores they can purchase from. It's already been a huge success and driven sales for everyone involved! To find out more and to get involved you can contact us on enquiries@tradequest.co.uk


Alice in Wordland

Curiouser and curiouser! We've partnered with Drawlabs this month for the exciting launch of their new word based party game. We've been looking for a new party game here in the office and the combination of the gorgeous art (and components) and clever word play spiked our interest.

The players have been invited to a tea party but are forbidden to use certain words! Everyone takes turns to say words associated with a common theme, but if a player cannot come up with a valid word they are out of the round. Included is a musical teapot which acts as a timer to increase the pressure. The longer you remain in the round the more victory points you earn but it's so much harder than it sounds.

The mechanics provide a wide spectrum of difficulty levels which allows the game to be easily adapted to suit the abilities of current players. Fun for all ages, the game is challenging as well and beautiful. 

Lets Play

So we've been talking a big game about Alice in Wordland but how does it actually play? We've had a blast here in the office with it and we thought it would be the perfect game to show off on this weeks Lets Play. So for more about how the game works in all its simplicity as well as a closer look at its fantastic teapot timer (you read that right!), watch this great video from Be Bold Games.

Shadows of Kilforth

The Hall or Nothing team are simply going from strength to strength. They've won awards from Origins, the Golden Geek award and even got a game listed in Tabletop Magazines top ten. Shadows of Kilforth continues the heavy hitters and expands the universe of Gloom of Kilforth for fans desperate for more.

Shadows of Kilforth is a high fantasy, role playing board game with a gothic edge. Heroes will journey through a dark world of peril set over 4 lands and by working individually or together they follow their own hero's tale ultimately resulting to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of the world. Visiting locations within the modular board heroes will battle enemies and encounter strangers using actions, dice rolling and applying modifications.

Shadows of Kilforth is a stand-alone expansion, to Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game, which is due a third edition release in summer 2020. Both games take the excitement of role playing and present it in this concise board game format which translates into a completely immersive and thoroughly enjoyable experience for heroes. 


So what else do we have going on this week? We're in the process of implementing our exciting new re-branding so you can look forward to our shiny new logos and colour schemes. Alongside the new logos as usual you can expect more products to be added to our list as well as some pictures from our play tests here in the office.

We know this has been a tricky time for many publishers as well as stores. No one knows what lays ahead for the industry and our goal to to bring people together. So if you're looking for new distribution partners or need assistance with your retail store, we're always here to lend our advice.

We'll be back in two weeks with another blog from our distribution team. Remember to keep your eyes out for this months newsletter (next week). Stay safe out there and keep washing those hands.

Benji & The TradeQuest Team