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Welcome back once again to the TradeQuest distribution blog. It's going to be a varied one this week as we explore some innovative titles with small boxes from our catalogue.

With the success of our pre-orders we've started adding a whole lot more to our catalogue so make sure you check those out. We're also making some website changes over the next week to make the login system a little easier (thanks to your feedback) so keep an eye out for that as well.

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A lot of game in one tiny box! Mageling is completely different to any other small box game on the market. In a world of HUGE miniatures games, Mageling packs a HUGE engine building game into a portable box size that's also light on the wallet.

Mageling is a dice placement, engine-building, adventure game for 1-4 players that can be played competitively or cooperatively. Take on the role of a young Mageling as you embark upon a perilous quest to save the Evertree! Use custom dice to activate spells, relics, creatures and allies as you battle the dark forces of the Tempest in five unique locations.​ You will need all of your wits, and maybe a little help from your friends, to overcome the challenges of your journey and prevail in a final showdown of arcane sorcery!

Having a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mageling is the dice-based card game that looks beautiful and is fun to play. Big games in a small box are always a delight for the consumer and one we can highly recommend Mageling to go on any retailers shelf.

Take a look for yourself today.

Lets Play

So i'm sure you've seen our coverage of WordForge Games products before. Their games are easy to pick up but tricky to put down. With so many of their products capable of linking play and sharing a war theme, it can be hard to decide which ones suit your store best.

This month we explore D-Day Dice Pocket and showcase a lets play that stands it out from the other titles in the series. Learn to play from this video and discover why D-Day Dice Pocket is the war game to fill your shelves this week.

D-Day Dice Pocket

D-Day Dice Pocket packs two small games into one tiny box!

D-Day Dice Battle is a dice-rolling, competitive push-your-luck game for any number of players, where you must match the enemy forces die for die. While doing so, you can earn medals to influence your rolls... or hinder the rolls of the others.

D-Day Dice Express is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, where everyone must work together to invade the beaches of Normandy. Fighting in increasingly harder conditions on 6 different beaches, players must rally specialists to defeat the German defences.

Being able to boast as being the pocket version of D-Day Dice with the added bonus of containing two mini games in one is an advantage in this type of games market. A game that is quick to describe and demonstrate, D-Day Dice Pocket is a retailer's dream.


Phew! We crammed a lot into this fortnights blog! Remember as ever to take a look at our exciting newsletter that goes out each month for our new releases. You can always keep an eye on our catalogue pages for when new games go onto our site.

If you know of any games publishers you think we may be interested in, make sure you get in touch as we're always looking for new and exciting games.

Until next time, we hope your stores have a fantastic month and we look forward to speaking with you when you place your orders.

Benji & The TradeQuest Team