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Heroes of Tenefyr

Coop and solo play in a deck builder? Look no further! Broken Mill present Heroes of Tenefyr, the devilish card came that takes the deck building genre to the next level. But what makes its fantasy card combat so unique?

Heroes of Tenefyr is a fully cooperative deck-building game for 1 to 4 players with a brilliant 'push your luck' mechanism built in. You represent one of the four heroes and, although you have a unique skill card, you start out inexperienced. You fight your way through dungeons filled with evil creatures to gain loot and build experience in preparation for the final battle. The most powerful loot is found in the most dangerous dungeons, but choose your dungeons carefully because you won't have time to complete them all.

Targeted at the deck-building genre of board gaming, the game offers a new approach that will be refreshing to its target audience. Co-operative games are one of the strongest sellers at the moment and there is stacks of re-play-ability in this game.

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Lets Play

This week in our lets play section we're delving deeper into Heroes of Teneyfr. deck building games are all the rage but how many of them can be played solo?

One Stop Coop Shop, takes a break from mankind and sits down for a deep dive into the game and it's solo mode. With solo games becoming increasingly popular, especially in the crowdfunding markets, publishers are really starting to take notice and build solitaire modes into their titles in new and interesting ways. Take a look and see for yourself.

Clear the Decks!

After we met the kind folks over at Word Forge Games, we were blow away by their system for D-Day Dice. Incorporating war game themes into a dice roller was incredibly innovative and the system has so many aspects to it. After the release of Airborne (the card game in their series) comes Inside the Bunker, a new way to bring together both games with crossover play! Take a look.

Expansion for a portable war-game that condenses into the size of a deck of playing cards, promoting a war-game that doesn't take up a lot of display space. Can be played solo, so besides being aimed at the wargamer or casual board game player, appeals to the growing solo gamer market. Backed on Kickstarter there is an audience for this game and its expansions, as such has scope to sell well to the non-kickstarter consumer.

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