Welcome to the first TradeQuest blog! Every fortnight we give you the latest news from our offices and warehouse. We'll be recommending titles, hot industry tips and explaining a little more about why we love certain games. It's the perfect chance to get to know us and our tastes to navigate what purchases you feel might be a perfect fit for your store.

So what have we been working on since we launched? We've been working hard on building our distribution site and adding tabletop gaming products. With a MASSIVE amount of new board game lines, we're always adding new games so it's worth checking back frequently to see what we have in stock.

We've commenced trading and starting to get some awesome feedback on our fantastic shipping. Some of you have been taking advantage already of our latest shipping offers for your stores.

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Lifeform is one of our featured games this month and we've been playing a lot of it! Its a MASSIVE game with a lot of pieces and a whole bag of complexity. For fans of coop games and 80's sci-fi movies, look no further.

Lifeform is a game of survival horror for two to four players in which one player takes on the role of an almost invincible, utterly hostile alien. All other players take on the roles of the crew of the doomed commercial mining star-ship Valley Forge. The crew with their glitchy handheld sensors search for equipment, weaponry and supplies to load onto the escape shuttle craft Remora. If they succeed the final battle will ensue on board Remora.

An homage game to Alien means fans of this genre will be interested in this game which has been most favourably received by the board gaming community. With a great respawning mechanism that allows killed players to continue as a different character Lifeform will easily fit, and sell well, in the Science Fiction Category of any retailer. Definitely one for the board game cafe library.

Take a look on our site and order today.

Lets Play

Each week we take a deeper dive into one of our titles. We like to showcase some of our favourite games with a game-play video to give a better sense of it's physicality and playability.

This week we take a closer look at office favourite Lifeform. Designer Mark Chaplin walks you through how to play the game and its core mechanics. Also a great chance to see the value in each box. There are so many pieces!

Airborne in Your Pocket: Inside the Bunker

After we met the kind folks over at Word Forge Games, we were blow away by their system for D-Day Dice. Incorporating war game themes into a dice roller was incredibly innovative and the system has so many aspects to it. After the release of Airborne (the card game in their series) comes Inside the Bunker, a new way to bring together both games with crossover play! Take a look.

Expansion for a portable war-game that condenses into the size of a deck of playing cards, promoting a war-game that doesn't take up a lot of display space. Can be played solo, so besides being aimed at the wargamer or casual board game player, appeals to the growing solo gamer market. Backed on Kickstarter there is an audience for this game and its expansions, as such has scope to sell well to the non-kickstarter consumer.

Available on our store along with other popular Word Forge Games titles now.


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