Foul Play: Once Upon A Crime

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Player Count: 2-5
Play Time: 20-30 Minutes
Age: 8+
Genre: Murder Mystery
Play Style: Family
Key Mechanic: Deduction

Foul Play - Detectives (players) have to deduce information from the Evidence Locker and Crime Scene to solve the murder. The game has Two Playing Variants: Good Cop (Catch A Killer) - set-up by placing the Evidence cards face down according to colour and shuffle each pile. The remaining cards form the Evidence Locker. Add one card from each Evidence pile into the Evidence Locker and discard the rest. Shuffle the Evidence Locker and 9 cards into a 3x3 grid (The Crime Scene) in the centre of the playing area. Deal 5 cards face down to each player. Then place the remaining Evidence Locker, face down, to one side of the Crime Scene. Bad Cop (Frame a suspect) All cards are in play - so shuffle the full deck and then follow the same set up as Good Cop, deal 7 cards to each player and you're ready to go. Detectives play the game by discarding or playing cards on their turn, choosing between fair and foul play cards. The winner is the Detective who determines who the murderer is and has the killer in their hand when making an accusation.

Foul Play - is published by a company that specialise in Murder Mystery events as a way to negotiate the lockdowns put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an easy to learn, set up and play, card deduction game for the whole family with the playing age being 8 and up (First Edition boxes advise 14+ though this has been corrected on later editions).  The artwork is great fun and has a comical, noir feel to it adding some great atmosphere. The different set up options provide good replayability and adds depth to a well designed, family game. Quick to play, you won't want to stop at just one game. If you have a demonstration area ensure that 'Foul Play' is always to hand for families or as a perfect filler game alternative.

Publisher: After Dark Murder Mysteries
Publication: First Edition
Language: English
Release Date: 2020
Weight: 92g
Dims: 9.2cm x 2cm x 6.5cm
Case Quantity: 144
SRP: £8.95