Echidna Shuffle

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  • Player Count: 2-6
  • Play Time: 10-20 Minutes
  • Age: 6+
  • Genre: Nature
  • Play Style: Competitive
  • Key Mechanic: Dice Roller

Echidna Shuffle - use the wandering echidna on the board, collect all of your bugs and bring them home.  Players take turns to move the echidna from leaf to leaf picking up their coloured bugs and transporting them around the wandering paths from the collection leaf to the matching coloured stumps. Using the clever dice rolling system everyone uses the same twelve echidna to rescue their bugs, first player to deliver all three bugs home wins.

The echidna pieces are unbelievably cute and really well made. The board has two sides for different difficulty levels and the dice rolling mechanism ensures players aren't penalised for consistently low dice rolls. We thoroughly enjoy playing this game because it's quick to learn and play, tonnes of fun and your plans can easily be frustrated by other player's moves. This ensures that Echidna Shuffle is not only a great social game for families and casual gamers alike, it also has plenty of replayability.

  • Publisher: Wattsalpoag
  • Publication: Second Edition
  • Language: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Weight: 1,900g
  • Dims: 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Case Quantity: 6
  • SRP: £22.99

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