Awkward Guests: The Walton Case

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  • Player Count: 2 - 8
  • Play Time: 45 - 75 mins
  • Age: 12+
  • Genre: Murder Mystery
  • Play Style: Competitive
  • Key Mechanic: Deduction

Mr Walton has been discovered murdered in the Study. You are sleuths trying to deduce the culprit(s), their motive and the murder method. Clues are gradually revealed during the game so sleuths can eliminate information from their enquiries. A brilliant bidding process at the end of every player's turn, which reduces player downtime, allows you to decide whether to keep the clues close to your chest or trade them with others players. Be the first sleuth to correctly identify all three elements of the crime to win the game. But beware! An incorrect prediction may eliminate you from taking any further part in the investigation.

The 250 clues in the deck allow for thousands of scenarios either 'out of the box' or via the app ensuring almost endless replayability. We regularly enjoy playing the game at TradeQuest and find that the 'bidding for clues' mechanic involves non active sleuths whilst creating genuine anticipation and excitement which draws you further into the game. Awkward Guests is one of the most sought after games we stock, so you can buy this game with confidence. 

  • Publisher: Megacorpin Games
  • Publication: English Edition
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: July 2019
  • Weight 1,585g
  • Dims: 35cm x 25cm x 5.7cm
  • Case Quantity: 4
  • SRP: £34.99