Grimoire Quest

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  • Edition: First
  • Weight: 1035g
  • Dims: 24cm x 16.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Case Quantity: 16
  • SRP: £20

Grimoire Quest is a narrative driven fantasy card game that brings the world of wizards and dragons to the simplicity of a family board game night. Gather your knights and wenches, pour a spot of ale and be ready for the time of your lives. No complex rules or deck building will be found here. This game is specifically designed to be a quick paced and fun battle game with a few dark laughs. Bumped off early in the game? Worry not, someone will surely resurrect you as their personal zombie slave, guaranteeing non-stop fun play for everyone!

This is a game where the narration forces players to adapt their strategy. This fantasy based card game is not new to the market but is always a great title for for board game cafe libraries.

  • Publisher: Savage Studios
  • BGG Rating: 5.6
  • Player Count: 2-6
  • Play Time: 40-60 mins
  • Age: 12+

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