Sub Terra Core Game

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  • Edition: First Standard Edition 
  • Weight: 1305g
  • Dims: 27cm x 19cm x 6.5cm
  • Case Quantity: 6
  • SRP: £35

Sub Terra is a 1-6 player cooperative game of terrifying cave escape. Players take the role of amateur cavers attempting to escape an unexplored network of subterranean tunnels, before the lights flicker out or the darker things beneath the Earth catch up to them...

Winner of the UK Games EXPO best board game award in 2017, Sub Terra continues to be a fun game that sells well. Great opportunity to promote the game to a new audience.

  • Publisher: Inside The Box Board Games LLP (ITB)
  • BGG Rating: 7.4
  • Player Count: 1-6
  • Play Time: 60 mins
  • Age: 10+

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