Sub Terra: Core Game (Pre-Order)

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  • Player Count: 1-6
  • Play Time: 60 Minutes
  • Age: 10+
  • Genre: Horror
  • Style: Dungeon Crawler
  • Key Mechanic: Tile Placement

Sub Terra sees amateur cavers (the players) attempt a terrifying cave escape before the lights flicker out or the darker things beneath the Earth catch up to them. Players can only see what is in front of them so lay a tile to reveal what is there - empty tunnel, toxic gas, or perhaps a horror. There are only a finite number of tiles to place so players explore the cave with only players who make it back out win.

Sub Terra - winner of the UK Games EXPO Best Board Game Award in 2017. A tense and challenging game for families or gamers alike that is easy to seat up, teach and play, and has stacks of replayablility from the myriad cave-tile combinations. Easy to set up and play  creates a truly suspenseful feel as your nervous tension increases as the tile stack reduces further in size. The game also has some great Miniature Expansions and is fun for families and gamers alike. A unique Graphic Novel is also available and provides an interesting and engaging accessory and read.

  • Publisher: Inside The Box Board Games LLP (ITB)
  • Publication: First
  • Language: English
  • Weight: 1,305g
  • Dims: 27cm x 19cm x 6.5cm
  • Case Quantity: 6
  • SRP: £34.99

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