Super Dungeon: Arena

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Originally released as a downloadable ruleset, Super Dungeon: Arena is an alternative game mode for players to use with their existing collection of Super Dungeon models. In Arena, two players each take control of a mighty warband consisting of one Hero, one mini-boss, two spawning points, and the spawning points’ associated monsters. These warbands then do battle against one another in a challenge known as a scenario. Each scenario has its own unique rules and victory conditions, which require a warband to use its abilities and strengths in new and clever ways.

Super Dungeon Explore and Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King has enjoyed great success and this expansion allows miniatures from both sets to be used in an arena format. With such a wide market this is definitely one product that wont need much to promote.

  • Edition: English Second
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Dims: 30cm x 30cm x 5.2cm
  • SRP: £39.95

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