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  • Player Count: 2-4
  • Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Age: 14+
  • Genre: Nature
  • Play Style: Race
  • Key Mechanic: Modular Board

Tremor - Animal ancestral spirits (players) must exploit a post-apocalyptic, disaster-ridden world to help your species progress and reach their last remaining natural habitat. On your turn you must take 3 actions in any order: Traverse, Tectonic Twist, and Scout (a choice of component actions Explore and Forecast). These allow players to move across the board towards their goal, reorient tiles, and accumulate Tremor Tokens which are placed on the separate Catastrophe Board strategically allocating and optimising them to ignite one of the six disasters. These have unique effects, and the area of the board they affect is based on how you manipulate their position and orientation and can be manipulated by using secret Catastrophe Cards, Disaster Die rolls, and abilities unique to your species. The winner is the first to reach their last remaining natural habit first.

Tremor - is a medium-weight strategy, game where you redesign and rearrange the tiles every turn and can be played as either competitive, or team co-operative. It's a well designed, 'easy to learn and hard to master' game, making it suitable for all skill levels. The length of the game depends on how seriously you take your strategy.

  • Publisher: The Curly Bros
  • Publication: Kickstarter Edition
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: December 2020
  • Weight: 900g
  • Dims: 24cm x 24cm x 5cm
  • Case Quantity: tbc
  • SRP: £38.99