Veilwraith: Playmat (Pre Order)

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Very Limited Availability
  • Player Count: 1
  • Play Time: 30-40 Minutes
  • Age: 12+
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Play Style: Solo
  • Key Mechanic: Playmat

Veilwraith: Playmat - a sumptuous, gothic-style playmat that fully supports the theme of Veilwraith as well as providing an immersive and chilling backdrop that sets the perfect tone for the game. Very limited availability.

  1. Publisher: Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd
  2. Publication: First
  3. Language: English
  4. Release Date: 2021
  5. Weight: 870g
  6. Dims: 82.5cm x 40cm x 1cm
  7. Case Quantity: Singles
  8. SRP: £49.99